To be able to go through pregnancy with full immunity

To be able to go through pregnancy with full immunity. Everyone knows that it is very important to have a healthy immune system during pregnancy. Let’s see what we can do to help strengthen our immune system.

1. Eat a well-balanced diet to ensure proper nutrition.Fill it with water.

Fresh vegetables Low-fat diets Eat whole grains and legumes. Sugar lowers the body’s immune system, so sweetening of the fruit can lead to the fruit ripening. Bitter chocolate Eat honey. The meat is cooked thoroughly, and the raw meat, raw fish Avoid unpasteurized milk.

2. Maintain personal hygiene.

Always wash your hands with soap and water. If someone is sick, stay as far away as possible. If you have a cat, be careful not to ask for help cleaning the cat litter.

3.Eat more iron-rich foods.

Iron is needed almost twice as much during pregnancy as it produces red blood cells, not only for the transport of oxygen in the body but also for the body’s ability to withstand germs and stress. Therefore, iron-rich dark green leaves and uncolored seeds You should eat low-fat red meat and take iron supplements from before pregnancy until breastfeeding.

4. Consume Vitamin D

Get some sun in the morning. If you do not get enough sun, you will not be able to get enough fat. Eat a variety of eggs. Take pregnancy pills that contain vitamin D.

5. Consume more zinc-rich foods.

It can produce good DNA. Repairs You need zinc to work. Therefore, sunflower seeds, Eat pumpkin seeds. The caterpillar is not suitable for pregnancy.

6. Get plenty of rest and enough sleep.

You need to sleep 7-9 hours a day to boost your immune system. Take things in stride and try not to focus too much on the problem.

7. Go for a walk.

Exercise improves blood circulation. Do this for 20 minutes a day, 3–4 days a week. Consult your doctor for proper exercise.

8. Eat a diet rich in probiotics to keep your stomach healthy.

Probiotics are important for the immune system. Kim Chi It can be obtained from carrot pickles.

9. Vaccinate your children.

Consult your doctor about any vaccines you may need during pregnancy. For more News, knowledges, stay with us.

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