If a child with whooping cough turns blue

If a child with whooping cough turns blue. Whooping cough is the most common cause of respiratory illness. A child who has a cough may suddenly have a rash on his or her skin. Nails If your toenails and lips turn blue, it may be a sign of shortness of breath.

But do you need to worry every time it turns blue? You do not have to worry all the time, but I want you to know when to worry.

Infants Acne can be caused by a normal process called acrocyanosis. Acrocyanosis is a condition in which blood and oxygen become trapped in the blood. The heart, which is more important than the soles of the feet, Lungs It is a process that prioritizes delivery to organs such as the brain.

It is more common in newborns and in colder climates. There is no need to worry if you are dizzy due to this condition. After a while, he will recover on his own.

If a child with whooping cough turns blue

Another worry-free situation is that the baby may be blue or green. If you eat foods that contain purple dyes, your lips, mouth, and throat will become infected. blue on the tongue and hands. It can also be caused by dyes on the skin.

In what situations do you need to worry if your child has other symptoms of shortness of breath? If you have low blood oxygen levels, you need to see a doctor as soon as possible.

Symptoms of shortness of breath in children include shortness of breath, nausea, and vomiting. Each time I breathed in, I felt a tingling sensation in my chest. Nosebleeds and shortness of breath I cannot eat well. They are not able to breastfeed well.

This kind of cuff. The toes are blue. If your lips and tongue become blue and persistent, you should see a doctor immediately. For more News, knowledges, stay with us.

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