Youth and technology to develop the country

Youth and technology to develop the country. McCarthy started a website around 2002, and the price of that website was $50. That website became Facebook. With success, the creator of the game, Clash of Clans, placed an existing PC on a cardboard box and played it.’s currently one of the foremost video games in the world and has become a rich person. The sole investment is in one PC.

Today, Viber, WeChat, Whatsapp, and lots of additional corporations prove that, albeit solely ten individuals work for a technology company, its value is quite $500 million. What number of workers can there be once these corporations succeed? Not quite five hundred workers. 

Google ranks second in the list of the world’s most beloved brands, followed by Coca-Cola. Google has only fifty-five thousand workers, whereas Coca-Cola has two hundred thousand. Facebook has only fifteen thousand workers and ranks fifth. Therefore, if you investigate the world’s most successful corporations, like Apple, Google, Facebook, and technology corporations like Microsoft, don’t run away. not quite half top|the top ten technical school corporations are in the top ten.

Suppose you’re employed in agriculture in any country. The primary step is to search out agricultural land. It’s demanding to search out if the land is suitable for the crop you wish to grow. If you wish to cultivate additional acres, you will need additional workers. Once planted, measures should be taken to prevent the plants from dying and turning infected. 

Youth and technology to develop the country

Now that the plants have grown and the crops are big, you have lost contact with the market and, therefore, the farmers have to be compelled to sell through brokers. Is that the broker reselling the stock and commuting it locally? Border sale? Export or not? This method takes quite a while. Keep it.

If an APN fruit tree bears one hundred seeds and dies, its price is one hundred apples. Thirty thousand kyats is the cost of a tree.If you could plant 1000 trees on one acre, it might be worth three lakhs. However, there’s a time to attend to the season in reality fruit. There’s a time to plant. You have got to pay the workers. 

In understanding,

even the owner of Associate in Nursing Grove struggles to create a profit of three hundred lakhs by operating all year round. Tomatoes, all onions, and garlic are all constants. Does one see that the lives of the farmers have changed dramatically in their lives? Raise the farmers. Seven out of ten need their youngsters to be educated, not farmers. We’d like to see them in big cities.If the person reading this is often a town person, it’s troublesome to know the emotions of the farmers.

What about market instability? What about exhaustion?they need to figure out the arduous thanks to low profits, the general public is lied to. If the government stabilizes the market, irrigated water in the Union of Burma might become a significant source of revenue for the country, speeding its development. According to the survey, seventieth of the country’s population area units are currently farmers, earning the country’s financial gain from agriculture.

At the start of this text, I talked about technology corporations’ impact on agriculture. Do you recognize what the author means? The correct time to grow is after you use the correct quantity of energy, after you use human ability and productivity.

Youth and technology to develop the country

I was solely twenty-four after I worked on an Associate in Nursing organization project. At the time, the edifice and the travel trade were both online and offline. We’ve got to show technology. My schoolmate at the time was a scholarly student in a European country. I asked him. What may be done to enhance Burma? He replied.

Although he is operating to enhance business in the Union of Burma currently, it’s not clear that this may be a significant draw for the country, he said. It’s not wrong for businesses to extend employment, even in remote areas. However, I feel technology is one of the surest ways for the Union of Burma to develop the country. Now, the speech of young Burmese such as you is completely different from the speech of young Cambodians. 

Young people in the Union of Burma need to try and do quite simply, “yes” and “something”. They demanded additional There’s tons of curiosity. Yes, this is often not the case in the Kingdom of Cambodia. After I was appointed to the Kingdom of Cambodia, I worked with tykes there. If you’re pro-active like the Union of Burma youth, It is fast. There’s no comparison with making an attempt. Therefore, I feel Burmese youth will do technology work and develop the country.

I was joyful listening to that.

Technology will be extremely useful for the country’s events for a long time. sole factor that matters most is the need to be told technology. In formal education, you’ll be able to learn about technology. All you would like is for the web to tell you things regarding your life. If you do not have a PC, you’ll be able to study by phone. A bit of code that you simply write within a month of your investment may be valued at one hundred LPA. Regardless of the market, Japanese corporations can charge you for such a code.

Myanmar is an obsolete country that enjoys the very highest level of technological advancement in the world. In the past, it had been less thanks to the slow web, but currently it’s not. Because the value of the net has come back down, the kids have got to study and lie with them. The government ought to conjointly work on a plan to provide technicians.

UN agencies are going to be ready to contend globally for a decade once the education foundation is firmly established. There’s no denying the very fact that a rustic has to develop in all its aspects. However, technology ought to cause a bit of additional stress, and other people from all walks of life ought to pay additional attention thereto. To encourage you, I actually have to write down what I would like to undertake. For more News, knowledges, stay with us.

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